Q: What is Garage Ministries?

A: Garage Ministries is a men’s discipleship ministry.

Q: What is the Garage Ministries Mission? 

A: Our mission is to partner with the local church to equip leaders and disciple men.

Q: How do you go about doing that?

A: We partner with local churches in equipping leaders and launching men’s discipleship groups (small groups) in their community.

Q: How does a partnership with Garage Ministries improve upon my church's existing men's ministry and small group ministry?

A: Statistics show that nine out of ten churches do not have an existing men's ministry. To that church, we say a partnership with us provides free and time-saving resources to help you with equipping your leaders and discipling your men. Every men's ministry started where there was no men's ministry. We all have the same starting point. Allow us to serve you and your church with a no-cost partnership that will reach and disciple more men. We offer free curriculum, resources, and Radical Discipleship Programs specifically suited to your needs and vision. We desire to work alongside you to equip your leaders with the tools they need to grow in their faith and knowledge so they may best serve and disciple the men of your church.


To the church that does have the healthy men's ministry, we say thank you for acknowledging the value in men's discipleship. Many, if not most churches, share your passion for men's ministry, but might not have the time, resources, or leaders. Time, support, and equipping leaders is how Garage Ministries desires to serve the local church. If you do find yourself in the category of a healthy men's ministry, we would love to serve you with free curriculum, Radical Discipleship Programs specifically suited to your needs and vision, as well as equipping your leaders with the tools they need to grow in their faith and knowledge so they may best serve and disciple the men of your church.


Some staggering statistics regarding men and Christianity may be found at

Q: How do you equip leaders?

A: We equip garage group leaders with curriculum, seminars, prayer, personal contact and engagement, leader studies and guides, bibles, study bibles, commentaries, as well as providing books in the areas of Christian literature, doctrine and theology.

Q: What is the passion behind Garage Ministries?

A: We believe the Scriptures teach of strong biblical manhood and spiritual leadership. We aim to equip leaders and disciple men, encouraging them to be strong in their faith and leadership. The stronger the man, the stronger the family. The stronger the family, the stronger the church.

Q: What happens in a Garage Meeting/ What do you do in a garage?

A: We meet every other week for two hours. We believe that discipleship requires trust. To build trust, groups pray together, confess sin, and highlight how/where God is providing victory over sin.  We then conduct exegetical studies of the Scriptures as a bonded group. We recommend the study is conducted as a group discussion led by the group leader who guides through both exegesis and exhortation.

Q: Is there a cost to the local church?

A: Garage Ministries will always offer our resources at no cost as long as our budget permits. In the instances when budget does not permit the purchase of books or resources for group leaders, we will scan and send any materials from our own collections that group leaders may need or desire.


Q: How is Garage Ministries funded?

A: We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3), ministry funded by individual donors who desire to partner with us in equipping leaders and discipling men.

Q: How are garage groups different than what my church may already be doing?

A: We prioritize leadership development and personal connection. We aim is to serve the specific needs of each church and their men.

Q: Why meet in a garage?

A: We meet in home garages because men are comfortable and at ease in the garage environment. This plays a key role in why garage groups are historically successful and resilient. The environment encourages openness and vulnerability.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: There are several ways to get involved.

  1. Find and attend an existing garage group in your community.

  2. Start a garage group in your community (See “How do I start a garage?)

  3. The Garage Ministries team is hard at work building trust and partnerships with local churches in every community.  We have a passion to see every man plugged and invested into his local church and community.

  4. For more information, please contact us at       

  5. Become a ministry partner. If you feel led to become a ministry partner, please contact to speak with our President, Bryan Lamb.


Q: How do I start a garage group?

A: The first step in starting a garage group is to speak with your pastor. Ensure that he is on board and will permit Garage Ministries working with you to serve the men of your church and community. The second step is completion of the nine-week study called Discovering the Glorious Gospel by Paul Washer. This is an in-depth study of the true and biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ. The third step is to sign our leadership covenant which also requires a signature from your pastor or elder verifying completion of the study and the support of the church leadership. Lastly, we sit down and discuss how we can serve you as a leader with curriculum (if needed), resources material (such as commentaries, concordances, books on Christian doctrine and theology, etc.), and bibles. We want to make sure that your leadership and curriculum are in alignment with your church’s vision and leadership plan. This is where we at Garage Ministries can serve you as a leader as well.

Q: How does Garage Ministries serve the local church and pastors?

A: Pastors and church leaders are very busy. We have a passion to make the lives of pastors and leaders easier. We accomplish this by providing materials, curriculum, support, and encouragement through prayer and personal connection. We want the pastors of our local church partners to know and trust that we are equipping their leaders well and with intentionality. There is no cost to our services for the local church.

Q: What is Radical Discipleship?

A: Radical Discipleship is a one-year small group discipleship journey. For those led to lead, there can be an additional year of leading a small group through the one-year discipleship journey. We design the curriculum based on the local church partner’s desired outcomes. Every aspect of the program can be modified to fit the needs of any local church, including name, duration, materials, bible reading plans, doctrinal and theological depth of books assigned, etc. Our goal with Radical Discipleship is to help men with organized plans for growing in their faith and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not charge to design a plan for any church or group. If you would like more information regarding our Radical Discipleship Program, please contact us at To see the 2020 Radical Discipleship Curriculum, please see the list below.


2020 Radical Discipleship Program Materials

  • Read through the bible cover to cover - The One Year ® Bible Plan

  • Discovering the Glorious Gospel 9 week Study - Paul Washer

  • Knowing God - JI Packer

  • The Gospel According to Jesus - John MacArthur

  • Pilgrim’s Progress - John Bunyan

  • Holiness - JC Ryle

  • The Holiness of God - RC Sproul

  • Developing a Healthy Prayer Life - Joel Beeke & James Beeke

  • The Valley of Vision Puritan Prayers - Arthur Bennett

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